Our Team

NatureMapr is only made possible due to the efforts of our team:

Aaron Clausen


IT Software Professional with a love for the natural world. My life changed in 2013 when I rode my mountain bike over one of the last remaining colonies of the critically endangered Canberra Spider Orchid - I never looked at the bush the same way again.

NatureMapr then took over my life and the job isn't done yet. I'm determined to see NatureMapr in use by every local government organisation across Australia.

Rohan Thomas


Rohan combines his love for the natural world and great dislike of technical debt to keep NatureMapr running by looking after important technical enhancements, platform performance and scalability, bug fixes and general improvements.

Rohan joined NatureMapr at such a critical period in our growth and his assistance and expertise has been absolutely vital and could not have been more timely!