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6 Jul 2024

Hi All,We've had to refactor a very large and key part of the platform due to growing pains so that we can improve performance, reduce complexity and reduce maintenance overheads.While we work through...

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AnkeMaria wrote:
7 min ago
crinia signifera
uperoleia laevigata
and another one

Crinia signifera
AnkeMaria wrote:
11 min ago
well done!! thanks for your amazing work

FrogWatch survey
Tapirlord wrote:
13 min ago
Heya Lisa, as I'm sure we've spoken about, orchid taxonomy is always tricky business! I honestly not aware that Pterostylis longifolia had ever been shifted, but having looked into it what from I can tell the lumping was short-lived. Jones maintains the name in his latest book, as does Lachlan Copeland who suggests that P.melegramma (in the strict sense) is restricted to far southern NSW (Nadgee and so forth) whilst P.longifolia is the common species up the NSW coast. The AlA maintains the name, as does the NSW state herbaria from what I can see so I'm happy to use it here. I wouldn't consider the source you've used as an authority on the Australia orchids (international sites are often slow to keep up). Hopefully that clears the confusion!

Pterostylis longifolia
HelenCross wrote:
15 min ago
Poor koala!

Phascolarctos cinereus
Tapirlord wrote:
34 min ago
Very very nice

Pterostylis grandiflora

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