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2 Dec 2023

Hello NatureMaprs!The NatureMapr Team have some exciting news for our users following the last few weeks!We recently presented NatureMapr to the Threatened Species Commissioner and are having discussi...

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Priority Species List improvements

NatureMapr Data Collector App update

Threatened Species Commissioner meeting and Nov 2023 update

Addition of Threatened Species Action Plan 2022-2032 Priority Species


17 Oct 2023

Field trips for Canberra Nature Mappers! The walks previously lead by Ciaran Ernst-Russell and the NSW visit to Yass River, hosted by John Storey, were successfull.The following event was cancelled/po...

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HelenCross wrote:
23 min ago
Thanks Ciaran, it definitely looked out of place!

Eucalyptus dives
jksmits wrote:
34 min ago
Whoa, that is the coolest shot

Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha
Tapirlord wrote:
55 min ago
It is too hard to tell with the flower collapsing, who knows what the original dimensions would have been. C.valida and C.peakalii (the small bird orchid) are indistinguishable morphologically, and both exhibt considerable variation. it is rather confusing at times!

Chiloglottis sp.
dgb900 wrote:
1 hr ago
Maybe a small bird orchid? Flower seemed smaller that C valida.

Chiloglottis sp.
Rosie wrote:
1 hr ago
Thank you for the explanation!
Rosie - Rosemary.

Potentilla recta

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