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2 Dec 2023

Hello NatureMaprs!The NatureMapr Team have some exciting news for our users following the last few weeks!We recently presented NatureMapr to the Threatened Species Commissioner and are having discussi...

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Priority Species List improvements

NatureMapr Data Collector App update

Threatened Species Commissioner meeting and Nov 2023 update

Addition of Threatened Species Action Plan 2022-2032 Priority Species


17 Oct 2023

Field trips for Canberra Nature Mappers! The walks previously lead by Ciaran Ernst-Russell and the NSW visit to Yass River, hosted by John Storey, were successfull.The following event was cancelled/po...

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PJH123 wrote:
26 min ago
Found it Don, I was completely in the wrong family it is Trissernis ochrochlora (Turner, 1902); NOCTUIDAE(Family); Acontiinae (Subfamily). Described as being 10-11 mm

Unidentified Noctuoid moth (except Arctiinae)
JaneR wrote:
1 hr ago
it’s a good suggestion but hard to be confident , given resolution of image ( but i am looking at it in my phone).

Crassula helmsii
BethanyDunne wrote:
1 hr ago
@MichaelMulvaney I actually saw quite a number from the air flying over from Gudgenby to Cotter Source.

Gahnia subaequiglumis
michaelb wrote:
1 hr ago
Suggestion made so our Robber Fly expert will see the sighting.

Asilidae (family)
donhe wrote:
1 hr ago
Yes GBNM is ambiguous whether 'size' is a body length or wingspan. Most non-geometrids shut their wings, so normally it is body length. The smallest Geometrid that I know is Ectropis crepuscularia wingspan 0.5 cm from USA. Perhaps we have been invaded.

Unidentified Noctuoid moth (except Arctiinae)

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Convolvulus angustissimus subsp. angustissimus

Convolvulus angustissimus

Bulbine bulbosa at Tuggeranong, ACT

Neochmia temporalis at Merimbula, NSW

Nacoleia rhoeoalis

Proteuxoa porphyrescens

Pultenaea fasciculata

Asterolasia trymalioides at Namadgi National Park

Hemigenia cuneifolia

Veronica anagallis-aquatica at Lake Burley Griffin Central/East

Coopernookia barbata at Hill Top

Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus at Brisbane City, QLD

Gallirallus philippensis at Brisbane City, QLD

Trichoglossus moluccanus at Brisbane City, QLD

Dicrurus bracteatus at Brisbane City, QLD

Entomyzon cyanotis at Brisbane City, QLD

Sauroconcha sheai at Wingecarribee Local Government Area

Convolvulus angustissimus subsp. angustissimus at Mitchell, ACT

Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus at Brisbane City, QLD

Macrotona australis

Intellagama lesueurii lesueurii

Convolvulus angustissimus subsp. angustissimus at Mitchell, ACT

Convolvulus angustissimus subsp. angustissimus at Mitchell, ACT

Epiphyas ashworthana

Gallirallus philippensis at Brisbane City, QLD

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