Research partners

NatureMapr's strategic partnerships with research institutions across Australia mean that important plant and animal distribution information contributes to important environmental research.


Research partners gain the following benefits:

  • Student/researcher access to view/download all information within your region including sensitive records
  • Student/researcher access to view/download original media files (with permission from original author)
  • Student/researcher access to create and monitor their own polygon locations such as national parks, reserves or special areas of interest
  • Student/researcher access to create and monitor their own special points of interest such as fire damaged areas or points of particular significance
  • Student/researcher access to create special species lists for your region. E.g. "Orchid pollinators" or "Feral animals to look out for"
  • Your institution name and web address prominently displayed in the NatureMapr site header for your region as a NatureMapr research partner

Become a research partner

NatureMapr is actively seeking to establish new research partnerships across Australia.

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