Stereum hirsutum (Hairy Curtain Crust)


Stereum hirsutum produces small, leathery fruit bodies on dead wood. These may be almost wholly bracket-like but may also start off as a sheet-like growth on the wood, with a  part turning away from the wood to form a bracket-like growth. Technically that composite growth form is described as effused-reflexed (effused: the sheet-like bit; reflexed: the turned-out bit). Each fruit body generally covers an area of only a few square centimetres, but separate fruit bodies may merge. They are in shades of yellow/orange/brown and smooth, except that where there is a bracket-like portion, its upper surface has abundant short hairs.   


Stereum hirsutum is listed in the following regions:

Canberra & Southern Tablelands  |  Albury, Wodonga  |  South Coast

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