Gadopsis marmoratus (River Blackfish)


Gadopsis marmoratus (River Blackfish)


Family: Percichthyidae (Temperate Perch)


Status: Native. Endangered in NSW.


Size: Up to 600 mm and 5.5 kg, more commonly 300mm and 0.4kg.


Description: Medium sized species. A relatively large head with rounded snout, long dorsal fin and single pelvic rays, rounded tail grey brown with bands and blotches. Compared to Two-Spined Blackfish (G. bispinosus),  generally lacks white edges to the fins and has a longer spiny section to the dorsal fin.  Also known Freshwater, Slippery, Slimy and Snowy River Blackfish, Marbled River Cod, and Greasy Taylor.


Habitat: Ambush predator and are secretive rather than shy.  Associated with in-stream cover, rock or wood debris areas providing shelter from high water velocities.  Only infrequently encountered in open water or above homogeneous substrates without cover.

Location: Located in the Snowy Catchment in the CNM region and potentially lower Tumut Catchment.

Gadopsis marmoratus is listed in the following regions:

Albury, Wodonga

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